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The Dreaded Hangover

The Reboot Hangover is our go-to IV drip for resolving hangover symptoms. The Reboot is known for alleviating hangover symptoms and speeding recovery by restoring fluids and vitamins that your body loses due to alcohol dehydration. Read on to learn how IV therapy for hangovers can alleviate your hangover within minutes.

What’s in the Reboot IV bag?

To assist you overcome hangovers, it usually comprises a mixture of saline, targeted vitamins, and medicines. The medication you receive will be determined by your symptoms. 


The Epic Hangover

We’ve all been there a time or two. (Especially if you’ve seen these guys live) The EPIC Hangover is just what it says…. when last night was totally EPIC! 

Double the fluids and vitamins when you know the basic Reboot wouldn’t touch your hangover! The Epic hangover delivers 1000ml of fluids with double the vitamins and minerals in 60 minutes. 


Photo Credit: DTK