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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a noninvasive treatment that boosts your body’s oxygen levels. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)  involves sitting in a chamber—an enclosed space filled with high-pressure — and breathing. This allows your lungs to take in more oxygen, thereby increasing circulating oxygen in your bloodstream.

Room air contains 21% oxygen, while hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides you with air that contains 100% oxygen. A pressurized chamber delivers oxygen that’s two to three times higher than normal air pressure, which helps your lungs gather and absorb more oxygen. Oxygen helps the tissues in your body heal and withstand infections.


Single Session


10 Session Protocol

$1000 ($100 each)

*Pre/Post Surgery
*Covid & Longhaulers
*Post Concussion Recovery
*Mild Sports Injury
*Acute headaches & Migraines
*Acute Autoimmune flare up

20 Session Protocol

$1750 ($87.50 per session)

*Autoimmune conditions
*Chronic Pain & Fatigue
*Joint Inflammation
*Serious sports Injury
*Allergies & Inflammation

40 Session Protocol

$3000 ($75 Per Session)

*Spinal Injuries
*Severe TBI
*Chronic Autoimmune
*Demential & Cognitive Decline

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) combines increased atmospheric pressure with an increase in oxygen concentration to drive more oxygen to red blood cells in the body. While inside a hyperbaric chamber, oxygen is also infused into the blood plasma or liquid of the blood, so the oxygen-carrying capacity of our bodies increases dramatically.

The increased pressure on the body coupled with the increased in infusion of oxygen, especially in longer protocol, can lead to changes in the expression of various genes. The genes modulated by oxygen are those that help decrease inflammation, create more blood vessels, and prevent cells from dying (apotposis).

According to HBOT USA, “the ’40 hour protocol’ is the gold standard for many of the physiological benefits that have been observed with HBOT. However, the actual physiological benefits (for HBOT) can be seen in just a few sessions!


Most physiological benefits will begin within the first few sessions of HBOT. It has been well documented that the anti-oxidant and protective role of HBOT is immediate and demonstrated within 24 hours of just one hyperbaric session. Further to this, the anti-inflammatory response is also very quick and a strong physiological response has been shown within 4 days of hyperbaric therapy.


Many studies have reported HBOT to produce a strong pain relieving effect after just 5 to 10 sessions. HBOT’s effects on promoting new blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) can take place in just 10 to 20 sessions.


From our data, here is a general summary:

  • 1-5 sessions: Improve cellular energy and during this time tissue functioning may be optimized. Those with residual carbon monoxide (ie smokers) or with mild anemia can show immediate benefits with cellular energy. Inflammatory markers can go down considerably and mark the beginning of a natural repair process.

  • 5-10 sessions: Typically used for acute injuries with soft tissue damage, particularly if there is pain involved.

  • 10-20 sessions: More serious acute injuries or chronic injuries

  • 20-40 sessions: Commonly used for major tissue damages and when new tissue is required (through HBOT’s regenerative stem cell properties)”

In general, HBOT is suitable for many indications, however HBOT may not be suitable for you if you have certain types of lung diseases due to an increased risk for a collapsed lung, have untreated pneumothorax (collapsed lung), have a cold or a fever, or have had recent ear surgery or injury. In all case, you should consult your practitioner prior to using a chamber to ensure it’s suitability for you.

Hyperbarics are safe for all ages, from children to elderly. 

It is not generally advised to undergo hyperbaric therapy if you are pregnant. For your safety, it’s recommended to consult your physician and inform our staff promptly if you are currently pregnant or planning to conceive.

  • Appointments are preferred as each individual will need seen by Dr. G prior to receiving HBOT therapy. Walk-ins are welcome after your initial consult with Dr. G, or you can book online or call us at (814) 299-7252 to guarantee your appointment.



Start with a free consultation with Dr. Girardi to determine if Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is right for you. Schedule your first session during your consultation. 


Treatment Duration

Treatment duration is patient specific and will be determined during your consult with Dr. G. 

Cost of Treatments

Treatments can range from $99-$125 per treatment depending on package purchased. You may pay per treatment and we do have financing options. HSA/Flex Spending is accepted as well as Care Credit. 

Length of Treatments

Treatments are 60 minutes long.