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Cold Plunge At Infuzed IV

The hottest wellness trend is all about getting really, really cold. 

Over 7,000 miles of capillaries and veins run through your body.

Each one is controlled by tiny muscles that you usually have no control over. By exposing yourself to very cold water, the muscles contract and push blood towards your core. Regular practice improves the efficiency of this system, thus improving the body’s ability to thermoregulate in extreme conditions. That means waving chronic cold hands and afternoon chills goodbye, for good


A cold plunge is the act of submerging your body in cold water for an extended period of time (usually 3 minutes to 5 minutes). Cold plunges are an incredible tool for boosting the health of the body and mind

What Benefits May I See From Cold Plunging?

🦠 Enhance Immunity

😃 Improve Mood

🚶‍♀️ Decrease Inflammation

⬆️ Increase Discipline

👸 Tighten Skin

🥵 Enhance Circulation

⚡️ Boost Your Metabolism

💪 Decrease Muscle Soreness

🪬 Enhance lymphatic system

⚡️Increase Energy Levels

⬆️ Increase Weight Loss

🧠 Enhance Brain Health

⬇️ Decreases Stress

😩 Decreases pain 

💤 Enhance sleep patterns

Cold Plunge & Hot/Cold Therapy FAQ

What temperature is the cold plunge?

We keep the cold plunge at 45-50°F.

How long should I stay in the plunge?

We recommend counting breaths when starting out. Begin with 10 breaths and get out. Work up to 1-4 minutes at a time. Even one or two short plunges is enough to get plenty of benefits.

How many people can book the room?

1 or 2 people can book the room in Dubois. There is an additional $20 charge for the 2nd person.

Can I do breathwork or hold my breath while I plunge?

High-intensity breath work and breath holds while inside the plunge are prohibited.

How is the water kept clean?

The plunge has constant ozone and UV filtration and also utilizes hydrogen peroxide and a 1 micron filter. We scrub and drain the tub regularly as well.

Why do I need to rinse in between the sauna and cold plunge?

This space is shared by our float community, and while the filtration equipment is world-class, rinsing off sweat, soap, and surface oils before entering the water goes a long way toward helping us keep our water clean and sparkling for everyone.

What kind of Sauna is in the room?

The sauna in the hot/cold room is slightly larger than than a stand alone IR Sauna. Our sauna is a 2 person Sunlighten infrared sauna that uses light therapy aside from dry heat. 

How often should I use hot/cold therapy?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve. For improving general well-being, 1 session/week is beneficial. If you’re looking to treat an inflammatory condition or speed up muscle recovery post-workout or training, more regular treatments will be needed. Always consult with a medical practitioner before using saunas and/or cold immersion to treat a pre-existing condition.