High Dose Vitamin C Treatments At Infuzed IV

10g $99
15g $139
25g $159
50g $249
100g $399

HELPS TARGET: Immune health, skin health, healthy blood vessels & improved metabolism


DOSAGE: 10g of Vitamin C, 15g of Vitamin C, 20g of Vitamin C, 25g of Vitamin C

**Physician Consult is required. g6pd lab is needed before administering any high dose vitamin c treatments

Super Charge Your Immune System

Vitamin C is one of the most vital elements of health and well-being. A healthy diet that includes this vitamin can strengthen your immune system, assist the body in burning excess fat and has even been shown to have a correlation in lowering the risk of heart disease.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin needed by your body, and your body is also unable to make it. Vitamin C is often present in a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, your body can only absorb a small amount of vitamin C from food (Around 20%). Most people are unable to get their recommended daily intake (around 90mg for men and 75mg for women) from food alone.

Apart from supercharging your immune system, Vitamin C also has excellent antioxidant properties that can help fight chronic illnesses like heart disease. The High Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy is especially important when your immune system needs a vital boost, such as when you are down with a bacterial or viral infection, taking cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy or after surgery.

When administered Intravenously, your immune system and body’s organ will get the support it needs to enhance your skin, blood cells and bone health. Vitamin C is also associated with a healthy nervous and metabolic function, increased vitality and aids the absorption of iron in the body.