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Tips Showing Up For Your First Red Light Contouring Appointment

How can you prepare for your first Red Light Therapy appointment?

1) Have you already had a Consultation with us? This must be done prior to your first appointment. This step is essential so that we can discuss your goals, come up with an individual wellness plan, do your body composition scan and sign paperwork.

2) Drink a LOT of water! At least 20 oz before and 20 oz after. The more the better! It is important to be properly hydrated for all appointments. Think of this type of therapy like taking your cells to the gym. Drinking water after your appointment is equally important because you will be rehydrating as well as flushing toxins from your body.

3) Make sure your skin has not had any oils, lotions, etc applied within 1 hour prior to appointment. Anything you apply to your skin could act as a barrier for the lights. If you want to use the lights on your face, it is best to be sunscreen and make-up free.

4) Wear clothing that will be easy to take on and off. Your skin will need to be bare in the areas you want to work on because the light cannot penetrate thru clothing items. Underwear remains on during session. We are discreet and have towels and blankets available for your privacy.

5) If you goal is weight loss, do not eat 1 hour before or 2 hours after your appointment to maximize results.

So, are you ready for your Red Light Therapy appointment?

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