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Specialty Blood Work Offered At Infuzed IV

In our small hometown, specialty labs are needed to find out what’s going on inside the body but NO ONE does them!! With our specialty lab tests at Infuzed, clients will receive their lab test package straight to their door and can come in & get drawn at Infuzed IV by Shirley’s Mobile Lab and have their results in just a few days! You’ll meet with Dr. G after your lab results are back to see just exactly what supplements are recommended to get you back to 100%!! 

All Testing at Infuzed IV is paid out of pocket but a super bill will be sent with your testing so that reimbursement from your insurance company may be attempted. 

Pricing includes lab draw fee and Dr. Consult fee. 


Genetic Test + Blueprint

The Genetics Test + Blueprint Report evaluates over 134 genes that influence metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, performance, weight, hormones, cognition, and response to diet and supplements. The report includes insights into nutrition, fitness, illness prevention, weight management, and de-stressing recommendations.

By providing a detailed examination of a person’s genetic makeup, the Genetics Test + Blueprint Report is beneficial for patients who want to understand better how their genetics can impact health and make optimal decisions to prevent/delay illness and maintain/improve health.


💦 Mouth Swab Test 

Genetic testing offers a means to examine the root causes of health issues and wellness at the cellular level and enables proactive approaches as needed to better support clients


🦠Mycotoxin Lab Testing🦠

Mycotoxins (toxins from mold) are some of the most prevalent toxins in the environment. The Mycotoxins test from Vibrant Wellness tests for the presence of toxic mold exposure by analyzing 31 of the most common mycotoxins to which humans are exposed. 

Mycotoxin testing at infuzed iv in dubois Pennsylvania
Lyme disease testing at infuzed iv

Mycotoxin symptoms are often vague and difficult to associate with a diagnosis. However, several diseases and symptoms are linked to mycotoxin exposure. These include fever, fatigue and weakness, pneumonia-like symptoms, chronic burning in the throat and nasal passages, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath, rheumatic disease, morning stiffness or joint pain, muscle weakness, heart disease, eye irritation or tearing of the eyes, headache or light sensitivity, loss of balance asthma, sinusitis, cancer, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or bloating, heightened sensitivity to chemicals and foods vision loss, slower reaction time, memory loss, skin rashes, disorientation or dizziness, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and liver damage.


💦 Urine Test

🪳Tickborne Lyme + TBRF🪳

The most comprehensive panel available to detect diseases transmitted via ticks to humans.


💉 Blood Serum Test

Environmental testing at infuzed iv
Environmental testing at infuzed iv

🪷Environmental Toxins🪷

The Environmental Toxins profile assesses 39 different toxicants to determine the presence of excessive environmental toxin exposure.


💦 Urine Test 

Environmental testing at infuzed iv
Environmental testing at infuzed iv

🜺Heavy Metal Testing🜺

The Heavy Metals profile identifies toxicity from 20 of the most common heavy metals. 


💦 Urine Test 

Heavy Metals
Heavy metal testing at infuzed iv

💋The Anti-Aging Panel🕶️

This panel combines the Micronutrients Panel, Hormones Panel, and Albumin tests.

💉 Blood Serum Test 


Anti aging lab work at infuzed iv
Biomarkers for vitamin deficiencies

Men's Health Complete

This panel provides an assessment of hormones that play a significant role in maintaining men’s overall health and wellness.


💉Blood Serum Test

Mens lab work at infuzed iv

GI Mapping for Optimal Gut Health

Because of its comprehensive analysis of gut health, almost every client can benefit from a GI-MAP gut health assessment. The GI-MAP is perfect for clients wishing to optimize their health, and it’s a critical test for clients who have been chronically ill and frustrated without a diagnosis for years. Some conditions that warrant testing are:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Digestive complaints (bloating, diarrhea, or constipation)
  • Brain fog
  • Skin problems like acne and psoriasis
  • Mood disorders, depression, and anxiety
  • Diabetes and weight loss issues
💩 Stool Test