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“My Doctor Prescribed Me Wegovy but I can’t Get It.”

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Teneal weight loss results at infuzed iv bar in dubois with semaglutide
Mary Beth weight loss results at infuzed iv bar in dubois with tirzepatide
weight loss results at infuzed iv bar in dubois with semaglutide

Wegovy, the latest and greatest FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication, is game changing for those with PCOS, Insulin Resistance, and those that have tried everything to try and lose the weight. However, pharmacies just don’t have these medications available because of backorders and over ordering. So, is there hope to get these medications (Wegovy and Ozempic)? There is and they’re available at Infuzed IV bar with Dr. David Girardi, DO in DuBois Pennsylvania.

This backorder of the trademarked medications allows compounding pharmacies to make the drug for availability through med spas and cash pay doctors. Dr. David Girardi in Pennsylvania is your answer to getting these meds, except you may have to pay out of pocket.

Infuzed IV Bar carries a compounded version of Wegovy called Semaglutide. It’s compounded with an amino acid called L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is an amazing ingredient that helps preserve muscle mass as you lose fat. In fact, we here at Infuzed actually prefer the compounded version over the trademarked Wegovy.

How do I get Wegovy in Pennsylvania?

Well, to get the Semaglutide anywhere in Pennsylvania, all you have to do is schedule a tele-health consult with Dr. David Girardi at Infuzed or come into the clinic located at 339 Midway Drive, DuBois Pa. If you live far away, a tele-health consult can be set up and the medications can be shipped straight to your door.

You’re provided with an 8 week meal plan, do’s and don’t’s of using this medication, tips and tricks to make your weight loss with semaglutide successful and 24 hour support from the educated nurses and Doctor Girardi at your fingertips!

It’s really that simple!

Schedule your appointment with Dr. David Girardi at Infuzediv.janeapp.com. If this is your first time you’ll pick “initial” weight loss consult either in person or virtual. The girls and Dr. G will get you started ASAP!

What type of payments are accepted at Infuzed IV?

Infuzed IV can not accept insurance, however we can accept Health Savings Account, Flex Spending Accounts, Care Credit and also Afterpay! All major credit cards, checks, and cash is accepted as well. Our preferred method of payment for Semaglutide or Tirzepatide is Care Credit. It’s a health credit card that can be used and 0% interest payments can be made to help you along your journey at an affordable rate!

You can check out all our medical weight loss options here.

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