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Antacids: Stay Away From Them

On todays episode of “drug muggers”… let’s talk about antacids & what they are doing to your body & what to take instead.

✨ Fun fact: your stomach’s PH is supposed to between 1&3. When your stomach becomes more alkaline than it should be,the valve at the top of the stomach will not close, causing heartburn. In turn you probably think you need an “antacid” to help calm the acid, right? Wrong.

👉 The purpose of your stomach acid is to help digest protein, help you absorb minerals, and to kill off pathogens and microbes invading the body.

When you start taking these stupid antacids …

You get a slew of side effects!

#1 Constipation happens. Why? Because your body can’t break down the foods to eliminate them.

#2 Gas/Burping

#3 You put yourself at an increased risk of disease since your stomach acid cannot kill off bacteria and pathogens

#4. Heart Arrhythmia’s! Why? Because your not able to absorb vital minerals that make your heart function properly.

#5 Increased risk of kidney stones

#6 Abdominal Pain

#7 Increased urination which in turn causes… you guessed it…. DEHYDRATION.

#8 ✨ Another fun fact: Depression/Anxiety/Mood disorders. Why? Because you’re not able to break down proteins which in turn convert into amino acids that convert to neurotransmitters in the brain for the feel good enhancers like serotonin. 😳

Stop taking antacids. Instead: try apple cider vinegar in water to counteract the acid in the stomach. Also: PICKLE JUICE! Take a few swigs and watch the heart burn disappear.

If you take these on the daily: come in and refuel your body with b12, folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, and zinc because you’re most likely depleted!

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