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What is a “banana bag” for a hangover?

A banana bag is an IV filled with hydration, vitamins and minerals, including magnesium sulfate, folic acid and thiamine. Often found in ICUs, they can be used to help patients suffering from hangovers, alcohol use disorder (AUD), chemical imbalances, vitamin and electrolyte deficiencies and other conditions. The addition of B vitamins makes the IV fluid yellow, which is why it’s called a “banana bag.”

Banana Bag FAQs

What’s in a Banana Bag IV Drip?

There are different banana bag formulas depending on the patient’s needs. In addition to ultra-hydrating saline, banana bags often include folic acid, magnesium sulfate, thiamine and multivitamins. Alcohol depletes the B vitamin thiamine, and a typical banana bag has a 100mg dose of this vitamin to alleviate hangover symptoms like brain fog. Magnesium sulfate works together with thiamine to restore the balance to both your brain and heart. Folic acid helps reduce mental agitation, and a potent multivitamin gives your immune system a much-needed boost.

Why Can’t I Just Take a Multivitamin Pill?

When you take vitamins orally, it takes much longer for your body to digest and absorb them compared to receiving fluids and vitamins intravenously. In particular, when you are hungover, deficient in vitamins and electrolytes, dehydrated or feeling ill, your body does not have the proper amounts of sodium and glucose needed to absorb the nutrients and vitamins effectively. Plus, symptoms like nausea can make it difficult to rehydrate or eat healthy foods in an attempt to get vitamins and nutrients back into your system.

An IV banana bag delivers healthy vitamins, folic acid, magnesium sulfate, thiamine and hydration directly into your bloodstream. You can bypass the digestive system altogether so your body can absorb all the good stuff more easily. Make an appointment for a banana bag from Infuzed. All you have to do is relax while rehydrating with the perfect banana bag IV cocktail.

Should I Get a Banana Bag?

If you’re suffering from electrolyte deficiencies, dehydration, nausea, morning sickness, a hangover or any number of ailments, a rally pack can help you, well, rally! Our banana bags help you get essential vitamins and fluids into your body much faster and more efficiently than through oral consumption. Our IV therapies can also be customized with a variety of IV drip add-ons to address your specific symptoms.

Enjoy fast results: A banana bag is delivered directly into your bloodstream and includes the sodium and glucose needed to be absorbed quickly. You can start feeling better, faster.

Does a Banana Bag Cure a Hangover?

A hangover can include a variety of symptoms, including nausea, fatigue, dehydration, headache, brain fog and rapid heart rate. Everyone responds to excessive alcohol consumption differently, so there is no magic cure for a hangover. However, a banana bag can help alleviate the symptoms of a hangover, which can last up to 72 hours.

With Infuzed IV Bar, you can get an IV therapy package that is designed specifically to target your symptoms. Plus, an IV drip offers the speed and absorption efficiency you need to feel fast relief.

How Long Do Banana Bags Take?

As soon as you contact Infuzed, we can usually get you in right away as we always have chairs open for walk in’s.  We’ll then assess your vital signs and have you complete a waiver. Once your IV drip is set up, most people start feeling relief in less than an hour, sometimes even immediately!

How Can I Get a Banana Bag?

Infuzed IV makes it easy to get at-home IV treatment in the DuBois Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Just choose your IV therapy package and book your appointment online. If you have any questions, you can contact us 24/7 online or through phone, email or text.

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