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Post Covid Side Effects….We Can Help!

Several protocols have been established to prepare the immune system to help defend against COVID-19. Outpatient medical providers have seen many patients who have recovered from COVID-19 go onto experience post-viral type side effects. Patients have reported experiencing longhaulers brain, debilitating fatigue, headaches, vision issues, inflammation, and delayed overall recovery from COVID-19. We’ve had several clients dealing with these exact same issues after overcoming COVID-19 which we’ve utilized drips such as Immunity, Super Immunity, and Brainstorm as well as vitamin d3 injections.

The following case study not only describes a common experience of post COVID-19 Syndrome but also provides lab test results, which objectively identify resurgent inflammatory markers, which strongly correlate to a recent SARS CoV-2 infection.

The subject is a 59-YO female who contracted COVID-19 in March of 2020. She was able to convalesce at home with symptoms including body aches, fevers, and severe coughing, which lingered until the first week of April. Although extremely tired, she reported feeling better and tried to resume normal activity. The subject is normally a non-smoker, healthy, skier, and cyclist.

In April she donated convalescent plasma. In May the fatigue had not still abated, and she was taking almost daily naps while working full time from home.

While at her home in mid May, she began experiencing almost debilitating fatigue and sudden fevers spiking to 102. A few days of this was followed by sudden chills, severe headaches, syncope (near fainting) in her home. She immediately sought medical care, was tested again for COVID-19, which was negative. Lab tests came back with high levels of CRP (C-reactive proteins) and elevated sedimentation rate, both significant markers for inflammation as well as some WBC irregularities including a low white blood cell count.

She was told to visit her PCP but decided to call a functional medical provider.

She was infused with 2 IVs in a 7 day time span containing high doses of Vitamin C (10,000mg), B-vitamins, magnesium, and zinc. Her first infusion was followed by a 100k IU of Vitamin D3.

Repeat labs 1 week later showed absolute reduction in both CRP and SED rate as well as normalization of her white blood cell irregularities. She reported feeling better than she ever had and successfully went back to cycling without issues 3 weeks later.

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid is CRUCIAL for immune responses. It has important anti-inflammatory, immunomodulation, antioxidant, antithrombotic, and antiviral properties. Vitamin C has an important homeostatic role as an antioxidant. It is known to demonstrate direct virucidal activity and augment interferon production.

Among many of the benefits of Vitamin D3, it is incredibly important for the immune system as an immunomodulator. Deficiencies in Vitamin D3 are often observed in people with autoimmune disorders. In other words, it modulates the immune system’s reactions and assists in identifying pathogens or self to the immune system. People with poor outcomes had well below normal levels of Vitamin D3 in comparison to those with better outcomes.

The super immunity drip is a comprehensive solution to alleviate any COVID-19 symptoms you’re facing while also boosting your immune system and providing much-needed hydration to your entire body.

  • IV fluid: The IV fluid consists of saline solution, water and electrolytes to quickly replenish all your body’s lost fluids. If you’re suffering from nausea or diarrhea, it’s vital to stay hydrated.
  • Vitamin B complex: B vitamins help build a healthy immune system and increase the body’s production of white blood cells. A study shows that B vitamins can potentially reduce COVID-19’s severity and help you recover from the disease.
  • Vitamin B12: B12 also increases white blood cell count and energy levels. Some studies show that B12 may slow down viral replication within the body.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps boost your immune system while also reducing inflammation. A study on vitamin C and the common cold found that regular vitamin C supplementation reduced the cold’s duration.
  • Glutathione: Glutathione is vital in reducing inflammation caused by COVID-19 that can sometimes lead to organ failure. A study found that raising glutathione levels can reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Zinc: Zinc helps alleviate COVID-19 symptoms because it boosts immune function and decreases viral replication.

It can be hard to get enough vitamins and nutrients while you’re sick, and our IVs solve that problem for you. If you or someone you know is suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, our Immune MAX IV Package can help you feel better quickly. 

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