Infuzed IV Pop Up

Infuzed IV Pop Up/Party Infusions & Vitamin Injections

Do you have customers that are interested in having infusions at your store? Would it benefit you for us to come to you because of long work hours or no time to get to DuBois? Infuzed will have a pop up just for you! 

Here’s the DL on our pop ups. 

We do a pop up just as someone would “have a party”…. 

You bring the guests and we’ll infuse! We advertise YOUR business on our Facebook, IG, and local radio ads.  We expect you to do the same on your social media or collect appointments for approximately 2 weeks prior to your scheduled day. We ask that you do the same to round up people who are generally interested in enhancing their health through vitamins and minerals. This could be your current customers, friends, family, whoever. 

Pop Up Fees: 

0-9 infusions: Travel Fee $100 due on day of pop up

10-19 Infusions: Waived Travel Fee

20+ Infusion: Waived Travel Fee + 1 FREE infusion for the business owner

*We ask that a MINIMUM of 10 infusions are scheduled for your day at your business for us to come to you. This can be 10 infusions scheduled throughout a 2-4 hour window. (10-2pm) (4-7pm) etc.

Infuzed WILL travel up to 2 hours for a pop up! 

**At this time if less than 10 infusions are booked it is up to the discretion of Infuzed whether or not we will be able to come to your location and infuse. Our time is valuable and so is yours. We are pulling nurses away from home infusions to do the pop-ups so we want to ensure their hours and pay just as we would with home infusions.


If you're looking for something new to offer at your business, IV Hydration is it!

Here’s what Infuzed can provide for your pop up: 

1-2 Registered & Licensed nurses to explain all things vitamins, administer the IV’s, clean up & tear down

We can provide up to 4 chairs at your location if seating is limited.

We can offer specials just for your event! 

(i.e. $5 B-12 injections; save 10% when 2 or more appointments are booked together) 

BOTOX – If you’re wanting Botox at your event or want to do a botox party, our doctor on staff can make it happen. Contact us. 

Please contact Toni to schedule your pop up! 

814-299-7252 or email